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“Marrying The Game” Season 2 – Premieres Monday, August 5 @ 9:30pm ET/PT

VH1’s unlikely duo Tiffney Cambridge and Jayceon Taylor, better known as rapper “The Game,” are simultaneously brought together and torn apart by love in the newest season of “Marrying The Game.” In the months after Tiffney called off the wedding and moved out of their home, she has regained her independence but the struggle to build a strong relationship carries forward. Drama unfolds as Tiffney stilllongs to be married to Jayceon – but not until he is ready to leave rapper “The Game” behind and rededicate himself to his family and her. Now that they are no longer together, they must navigate the twists and turns of co-parenting their two children, Cali Dream (2 years old) and King Justice (6 years old). The Game is in for a grueling wakeup call that comes with rebuilding eight years of love while balancing commitments to both a strenuous rap career as well as his family.  Find out if Tiffney and The Game can start a new life together or if the problems from the past are bound tochase them into the future when “Marrying The Game” Season 2 premieres Monday, August 5 at 9:30pm*. 

“Marrying The Game” is created and executive produced by 51 Minds’ Cris Abrego, Christian Sarabia, Rabih Gholam and Ben Samek (CAPI). For VH1, the series is executive produced by Jill Holmes and Kristen Kelly.



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