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Stevie TV is back with a second season and no one in the pop culture landscape is safe!  The ferociously talented Stevie Ryan returns to VH1 for a second round of sidesplitting and unapologetic satire in her hit sketch comedy series Stevie TV. Stevie’s irreverent attitude is devilishly brilliant as she impersonates the most talked about stars in entertainment.  Stevie Ryan’s uncanny ability to metamorphose into pop culture’s most beloved and outrageous personalities has amassed a loyal following of over 80 million viewers online and she’s continuing to find new fans on VH1.  Fridays are getting funnier when Stevie TV returns Friday, May 31 at 10 pm ET/PT.


Along with the usual television parodies, season two will also include music videos, movie trailers, commercials, and anything else you would find while scanning your DVR.  Some of the celebrities expected to see impersonated on the show this season are Kim Richards, Kristen Stewart, Brad Goreski, Zooey Dechanel, and Justin Bieber, among many others.  Some of Stevie’s original characters like Katrina and Little Loca will also be making appearances.  This season, anything and everything is fair game and the sketches will be broader take on pop culture phenomena and trends.


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